Nine people who love their cars too much

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1. This guy who takes his love for automobiles a little bit far –

Credit Daily Mirror http://bit.ly/1vziN6P

2.These Manchester City fans who really want us to know it –

Credit Metro http://bit.ly/1Bzohz5


3. This man who makes mini cars out of old fridges –

Credit Daily Mail http://dailym.ai/1COIJxR

4. This person who just LOVES stickers –

Credit therunningbug.co.uk

5. The person who spent more than $30 million on one car –

Credit CNBC http://cnb.cx/1pvvz2n

6. This toy fan who needs a new focus –

Credit www.paaco.com

7. Don’t even know where to begin with this specimen –

Credit flexed.co.uk

8. This girl who surely has better things to spend her money on –

Credit www.gogirlies.com

9. And this couple who truly do love cars –

Credit http://weddbook.com/

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